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just look at this cutey





Great Dane puppy voices his displeasure at being forced to get up early


i am this dog

this dog is me

Me in the morning.

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For the past two days, this little dinosaur has been hitchhiking on my side mirror.image

And every time I go back to my car, he’s just chilling on top of the mirror, ready to go.


The dude’s hella confused though. He sees himself in the mirror and tries to attract himself to himself


And sometimes it looks like he fell off …





cherish him forever

At 120 degrees, it was so hot in Australia that Koalas were asking people for water, something that’s never been seen before.





One Koala entered someone’s house, looking for water and shade, and here’s what happened when the owner gave him something to drink.





Save all the Koalas!

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The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular

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Anonymous asked
I just read the chronic illness stuff... I'm so sorry love, that's awful. It's actually heart breaking to me that you have to feel that way... How old are you? You shouldn't have to deal with this at your age :(

Thanks for the kind words. Please don’t be heartbroken. Apologies if this is long/rambly/unclear/typo’d/whatever. Fairly doped up at the moment.

I’m 25, 26 in October. I’ve had this condition in varying levels of severity for about 5 years, although it’s only really the last two years that it’s been so severe.

I have to admit, it is a source of some sadness to me. It’s generally accepted that your twenties are for living life, travelling, meeting people, partying, establishing your career, hanging with friends, new experiences, creating treasured memories and generally living life before you settle down a bit into your thirties. It feels like that’s all kind of been curtailed and taken away from me. 

Currently, my career stands in ruins. I had to leave my last job in science due to my illness a year and a half ago, and I’ve been unable to get any other kind of job since. I stopped looking recently because I realised that no matter how much I try to push myself and convince myself I can cope like a normal person, I actually can’t. I’m in too much pain and I get exhausted too easily to work. Hopefully with my treatments that will improve, but we’ll see. My plans to do a PhD have been indefinitely suspended. Given the unpredictability of my health, I can’t commit to 3-4 years of working on a PhD. If I had a flare up, I couldn’t just leave my project for a month, then slowly get back in to it afterwards (if I even recovered that quickly). Science PhDs are HARD and exhausting for healthy people. Given my lack of experience (from not working the past 18 months) and the huge gap on my CV, it’s going to be virtually impossible to get back in to science if/when I feel able to do so. I don’t really know what to do in that regard.

All I do most days is sit around in my flat moping or sleeping. I’m frequently in too much pain to go out when invited places, so my social life is pretty severely limited. I’m constantly cancelling plans, usually last minute. Last year I didn’t even turn up to my own birthday party that I’d planned. Given the lack of money from not working, that makes things more difficult too, plans like marrying Chris and travelling and so on are all kind of indefinitely postponed. I used to really enjoying going out with friends to cool places like goth clubs and gigs and stuff, but all around me I can kinda see my friends starting to slow down and move on, and I worry that if I ever do end up feeling more physically capable, everyone else will be over going to those places and I’ll have missed my chance to go back.

Most people who know me now would probably never guess, but once upon a time I used to be a gold medal winning athlete and a really active person who did sports and was in the cadets and stuff. I feel like that person is deceased and I’m still grieving for a person and a life that doesn’t exist any more.